How to Correctly Put On and Dispose of a Disposable Medical Gown

Donning a Disposable Medical Gown correctly is crucial for healthcare workers as part of an overall infection-control strategy.

Workers must be instructed in how to correctly don isolation gowns, whether they are reusable or disposable.

A Disposable Medical Gown should be put on using the following five steps:

1. After washing or sanitizing your hands thoroughly, grip the gown from the neck area.

2. Most gowns are designed to naturally fall and open for easy access. If it doesn’t, hold your grip on the neck area and open it fully with a quick downward snap. 

3. Slip your arms into the gown sleeves and place your hands into the thumb loop elastic cuffs.

4. Pull the gown over your head and ensure the size fits snugly. Make sure it’s long enough to adequately cover the arms and torso.

5. Disposable Medical Gown, patient gowns, and other types of medical gowns are usually open at the back. Tie the back of the gown at the waist to keep it in place.

Removing a gown is also important to minimize the risk of spreading infection. It is particularly important for medical professionals because they need to avoid contact with body fluids and infectious materials to reduce the risk of spread.

How to remove a Disposable Medical Gown:

1. Scrub your hands thoroughly to ensure contaminants are removed. When taking off their robes, medical professionals frequently wear gloves.

2. Pull the shoulders down to break the neck closure and loosen the gown around your upper torso.

3. Release the waist ties and free the gown around the sides of your body.

4. One arm at a time, pull them away from the sleeve until the arms of the gown are bunched at the wrists.

Next, roll the gown’s exposed and potentially contaminated side inward until a ball is formed.

Make sure the substances don’t spill or escape.

After that, you can wash your hands and collect the Disposable Medical Gown for disposal.