Do You Know What about Disposable Shoe Covers?

Disposable shoe covers are made of durable material and fit snugly over most shoe styles and sizes so that no dangerous particles get in contact with the bottom side or heels of your shoes!

This is a huge benefit when it comes to keeping yourself clean as well because shoe covers will help eliminate the spread of dirt and germs that come into contact with your shoes.

When you work in the medical, cleanroom, chemical, industrial, laboratory, and emergency environments, where such environments often require shoe covers as part of standard PPE protocols.

How to wear a disposable shoe cover?

It’s a very simple way to wear a disposable shoe cover !

1. Hold the opening of the cover.

2. Place the front of the shoe into the cover.

3. Pull the elastic of the cover to the back of the shoe and insert the heel of the shoe into the cover.

4. Make sure the shoes is covered appropriately.

Make sure the ESD strip is packed into your sock or shoe if the shoe is covered with it so that it does not protrude.

How to remove a disposable shoe cover?

The way to remove disposable shoe covers:

1. Sit in the designated clean chair to take off your shoe covers only. If there is a strap on the boot cover, unfasten the strap first.

2. Once you’re seated, take care not to touch your legs.

Take hold of the boot cover’s exterior and pull it down toward your ankle.

Pull the boot cover off of your foot by lifting it over your heel, then properly dispose of it.

3. Take off the shoe cover is easier, and make sure that not touch one leg with the other. Grasp the outside and pull down the shoe cover from your shoe.

Matters that need to pay attention to after removing the disposable shoe covers:

1. Once the shoe cover is removed, dispose of it in the appointed garbage bag or place.

2. Do not step on areas that are contaminated by shoe covers.

3. Wash your hands after disposing of the shoe covers.

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